Home Sleep Testing (HST) for Sleep Apnea


As of 2018, most insurance companies are insisting on Home Sleep Testing (HST) as opposed to overnight Polysomnography (PSG) in a Sleep laboratory or Hospital. Patients also prefer being able to be tested in the privacy and comfort of their own bedroom. These devices are simple to use and have a 95% or better correlation to PSG results. Patients with multiple comorbidities might be directed by a sleep physician to an overnight Polysomnography (PSG).

After taking the test, the results will be reviewed and scored by a certified Sleep Physician and then conveyed to the patient by Seamless Sleep Solutions’ staff or by their physician. A score of 0-5 is considered normal, and you might only be suffering from “Primary Snoring”. You or your patient still has the option to be treated, but insurance will NOT cover the treatment. A score of 5-15 indicates “Mild Sleep Apnea”; 15-30 is “Moderate Sleep Apnea”; and 30 or higher is considered “Severe Sleep Apnea”.

There are many different models of HST equipment. Some fit over your wrist like a wristwatch. Others fit on your forehead as a head-band or as a chest-belt around your chest. They measure your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and respiratory flow as well as your body position and respiratory effort.

The increase in the number of Home Sleep Tests (HST’s) being prescribed over PSG’s has dramatically increased the accessibility to proper health care.

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